08.30 Transfer by bus from Maratea to Lauria


Generational change in agriculture” (at Cardinal Brancati)

12.30 Lunch at Orizzonte Restaurant

Fieldtrip Visit to:

Farm «D’Imperio» (donkey milk)

Excursion at Sirino Lake

16.40 Transfer by bus from Lauria to Maratea
Free time
20.30 Dinner at Villa del Mare



Lauria, with its 13,000 inhabitants, is the largest and most populous center of the Tyrrhenian coast of the Basilicata region. The town is 35 km from Maratea and its geographical position, in a limited area between Campania and Calabria, is very functional for trade. Lauria is located in one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Southern Apennines, including the touristic town Maratea, the Pollino National Park, the Appennino Lucano – Val d’Agri – Lagonegrese National Park.
The local industrial sector is made up of several local companies active in the branches of food, construction, metals, wood, furniture, building materials, the manufacture of rubber products, the extraction of stone, gravel and sand, and the production and distribution of gas and electricity. Very important is the processing of copper and wrought iron too.


Workshop – Agriculture: generational change.

The European Union has recently approved the Common Agricultural Policy for the programming period 2014 – 2020, the main European financial instrument for the agricultural sector : the generational change in agriculture is a strategic issue for the future of the European Union.

The workshop will explore the theme of generational change:
What are young farmers looking for?
What is needed to build a start-up farming?
How to help young farmers?
How to use the new CAP instruments 2014 2020 ?


Farm D’Imperio
D’Imperio is one of the most important farm of Basilicata Region in the production of donkey milk. The company is located on the border with Calabria Region at 960 meters above sea level (20km from the Tyrrhenian Sea and 70 km from the Ionian Sea).
The farm raises about 80 donkeys: during the visit, we will discuss the farm’s projects carried out with research institutes on process and product innovation.

Sirino Lake
A farmer who was threshing wheat during the Madonna of Sirino’s celebration was plunged below ground. This is the way in which, according to popular culture, was born this small but wonderful lake!
Sirino lake was very famous for its many regional and national sport fishing competitions and now
is a great tourist destination too, thanks to wonderful natural beauty, accommodation, restaurants and sports facilities.
Strategically located in the itinerary sea-mounts-terme – at 30 Km from the Tyrrhenian coast, and not far from the ski slopes of Sirino Mount – this small lake is one of the most picturesque and renowned locations of Basilicata Region.