Sport activities will be in the sign of “unconventional” !!!
We just need some small ingredients: desire of having fun, knowing how to do teamwork, ability to compete with sports that recall traditions and rural characteristics of Basilicata Region!

Sports activities will take place at Fiumicello Beach in Maratea, a fantastic location to challenge.
If you don’t want to participate at sports competitions, don’t worry, we have designed an interesting alternative: orienteering in Maratea!

Sunshine competitions!

Competitions may sounds hard, but don’t worry !!
Sports activities will be funny, not dangerous and affordable to everyone.

Sack race
Players will place both of their legs inside a sack or pillow case that reaches their waist or neck and will jump forward from a starting point toward a finish line. The first person to cross the finish line will be the winner of the race.

Relay race
Players will run a pre-set distance carrying a special item before passing it onto the next players. But be careful:  the winning team will be the one who doesn’t break this special item!!!

Tug of war
Teams will pull on opposite ends of a rope.
The objective of the game is for each team to pull the rope along with the members of opposition team to their side.

Recommended clothing

You just need to bring suitable sports clothing and good shoes!

Other info

To take part in sport activities you must sign a good health declaration while checking in at the hotel.


Orienteering is a competition between teams that will be formed on site, in the historic center of Maratea. Each team will have to reach the control points and track on their passage.
The winner will be the team that will make the best route choices!

1. During registration teams will be formed and the equipment will be delivered.

2. Teams will start the race at different times.

The race
3. Competitors will reach the checkpoints in the same sequence in which they are numbered on the map. For each control there is a lantern and competitors must register their passage

4. The goal is to get to the finish as fast time possible!